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Cancer is an illness that can have many impacts on your body shape and your overall nutrition health. In addition to weight or shape changes, there can be difficulties eating or digesting your nutrient needs. It is also a time when many people simply find they are confused about what they should eat or do with their diet to help with their treatments and best outcomes.

That’s where Jane Freeman can help you. Jane is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Nutritionist (APD, AN, IOC Sports Nutritionist), author and chef (Leith’s London). Jane has worked with people responding to cancer challenges for over 20 years working abroad in London, Singapore and Australia. Jane is also a published author and her book ‘How to Eat Well When You Have Cancer’ was awarded a British Medical Association prize. 

Her website, CANutrition understands that this is a difficult time and hopes to help you know what you need to eat to be able to do and enjoy more.

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