Chocolate and gogi berry energy balls



14 Medjool dates ( you can also use dried dates, just soak in warm water for 1 hour.
Medjool dates are quite large so just double the number of dried dates used).
1/2 cup of a quality peanut or almond butter
3/4 cup LSA (linseed, sunflower and almond meal or almond meal)
3 Tbsp skim milk powder or protein powder of your choice
2 TBSP chocolate nibs
11/2 cups desiccated coconut
2 Tbsp crushed nuts (optional)
2 Tbsp Gogi berries or dried apricots chopped
a pinch of salt


  1. Place the gogi berries (or dried apricots) into a cup and cover with boiling water. The berries soak in the water for 10 minutes.
  2. Remove the pips or stones from the dates and place them in a blender. Add the peanut
    or almond butter, LSA or almond meal, chocolate nibs, half the coconut, the protein or skim milk
    powder and a pinch of salt
  3. Blend in the food processor for 2-3 minutes or until mixture clumps together
  4. Then roll the mixture into small balls. Dip the balls into coconut and store in the fridge or freezer

Nutrition Information per ball:  Energy 190 Kcal, Fat 11g, Sat fat 3g, Protein 5g, Carb 24g, Sodium 54mg

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