Terrible or dull tastes

While our toungue enables us to pick up some of the flavours of food, it really only gives us the basic tastes: salt, sweet, sour, bitter and unmami (savouriness). Where as the many other flavours that we taste such as fruit flavours, garlic, onion, citrus and more originate from what we smell. But not as you may think as it is when we chew food, odours are released and rise up through the back of the throat to the smell receptors at the brdige of the nose. We chew, swallow and when we swallow we pulse odours up to the nose which gives us the flavour hits. In addition the feel of food in the mouth also gives us experiences. The creaminess, the crunch, the stickiness or the hot or cold sensations. This extra dimension of texture or tempreture also contributes to how we can enjoy food. Playing around with different tastes, smells, including a range of textures and ensuring there is extra umami in food can help to reignite a desire to eat and some pleasure in what you eat.