Dealing with dull appetites and other eating difficulties


While eating a nourishing diet is an important part of the overall treatment of cancer, many people in treatment will experience a loss of appetite, taste changes and other difficulties eating. This workshop aims to help you work through these challenges and learn how with a bit of grit, as well as some creativity (Heston Blumenthal style), you may be able to find ways to enjoy mealtimes and improve your overall nutritional intakes.


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Dealing with dull appetites and other eating difficulties

 2-hour workshop

lunch and recipes included

While a healthy and nourishing diet is a key part of the overall treatment of cancer. This can be difficult to manage if you are finding it hard to eat well due to a reduced appetite or changes in how food tastes or smells.  In this workshop, Jane will work through some of the reasons why eating can be difficult, but will share her tips and tricks to help improve intakes, as well as the recipes, foods and flavours that can help. This is a hands-on practical workshop, that aims to help people who are struggling with their diet feel more able to tackle what can be a difficult part of their treatment.

Some of CANcook recipes are provided.


Friday 21st May 2021 (BOOK NOW)

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The workshop is limited to 10 participants.

This is so Jane can give individual feedback and suggestions

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