Tip Sheets

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Arming your kitchen for the months ahead

COVID-19 has upended all our lives. And while no-one knows how long social distancing rules will last, they are forcing us to spend more time at home, and around our dinner tables.

How does being overweight lead to cancer?

It’s very clear that there is a link between cancer and obesity. But it’s still not completely understood how exactly obesity causes cancer. Research so far has

Beware of the wonder diet.

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about wonder diets promoted as effective treatments for cancer. Some advise people with cancer to cut out dairy products or meat, or to live mostly on fresh juice,

Getting started and staying on track

Set realistic, achievable goals: success will boost your confidence and spur you on. Choose two or three small changes to your day-to-day eating to begin with

Diet and cancer prevention at a glance

Many people are unaware that many cancers are preventable and the contribution changes to your lifestyle can contribute to reducing risks for you

After treatment – a word on healthy eating and cancer prevention

Whilst this is a very important topic, it is important to emphasis is that there can be a difference between eating to prevent

What should I do if the person I am caring for does not want to eat and is losing weight?

As I’ve said earlier in this book, there can be a fine line between tempting someone’s appetite and pushing them to eat,

Help! I’m putting ON weight during treatment – what can I do?

Historically, much of the attention given to nutrition during cancer treatments is very focused on building up and staying strong during treatment.

Should I avoid soy if I have had breast cancer?

As part of a healthy diet, moderate intakes of soya foods (such as soya milk, tofu, etc) is considered perfectly acceptable as part of a healthy diet. However, there is no evidence that soy or phytoestrogen