What to eat to help boost the immune system


Date: Thursday 19th February 2021
  • $79.00
  • 2 Hours
  • Lindfield, Sydney

Eating well and enough of the vital nutrients needed to help your immune system function and be able to fight harder is important when you are not well. Even when we are well the immune system uses around 1/3 of the total food nutrients we consume so it is important to know how to tune your diet into its needs.

This interactive online workshop with Jane will explain the nutrition updates and strategies needed to help you know what is needed to help optimise your immune system's function.  You will also learn how to tweak your families favourite meals and be reminded of the steps needed to build a weeks menu plan template and cook five delicious and immune system supportive meals for the week.

Course outcomes:

  • An overview of how the immune system works to help protect and fight against infections
  • The role diet has in optimising immune system function (the vital nutrients needed)
  • How to balance your dietary intakes, ensure you are meeting the immune systems key nutrient needs and then plan meals that deliver
  • How to prepare a selection of immune-boosting and predominantly plant-based meals


  • 2 hours of qualified nutritional guidance on the dietary intakes needed to help boost immune system function
  • A daily food plan outline that shows you how to ensure you meet essential nutrient requirements
  • A weekly menu plan, the ingredients lists and options for advance menu preparation suggestions that show you how to cook to help with immune system function

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to tune their diet and family favourite meals into the needs of their immune system, as well as enjoy delicious, easy and predominantly plant-based meals that can be prepped in advance.

Do I need any cooking or prior nutrition knowledge?

Cancooks of all levels and interests are welcome at the workshops. If you do have any special needs or arent well please inform Jane of your needs 2-3 days prior to coming along.

Do I need to bring anything along?

You need to bring an apron and may wish to bring a note pad to jot down any ideas captures, but a CANcook information kit is provided.

How many people come along to the class?

Due to the personalised approach Jane takes with the classes, the numbers are small or around 6-8 people.

Can I organise a private class for a support group, friends or work colleagues?

Jane runs special classes for groups of people with particular interests. Please email to introduce yourself and enquire what you are looking for.