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Join the cancook logo 6-week anti-cancer eating and menu program

CANcook is a 6-week anti-cancer eating and menu program. It sets you up with an individualised and your treatment needs assessed menu plan. It then supports with 6 weeks of menus, webinars, food-fighting tips and a community forum for you to share recipes and tips on what you have found helpful.


There are six weeks of menus and each week arms you with a carefully crafted menu plan, the shopping list, recipes, and instructions that show you can POWER PREP or batch cook a week's worth of meals in one go.

A trial of the menus is included with an initial consultation with Jane, or they are available for download on the CANutrition.

After you sign up you will be sent the CANcook menu and meal prep program. This includes 6 weeks of inspirational and family-orientated meals.

You will learn the real art of eating well, as well as (re)-discover eating and cooking to help you to enjoy and be able to do more.


6 Week menu program

6 Week Menu Program

  • It includes 6 weekly menu plans
  • A weekly one-stop-shop ingredient list
  • Optional advanced meal prep steps that enable you to prep up to five meals in advance
  • Lots of superfood tips and tricks
  • Extra recipes

Plus tips sheets to activate your kitchen

  • Kitchen activation – the steps needed to plan, shop, prep and enjoy nutritionally supportive meals
  • How to enjoy a predominantly plant-based approach to eating
  • Pantry stock essentials
  • Ensuring you are meeting your extra dietary protein needs
  • Extra quick and easy meal and snack ideas
  • Extra nourishing drink recipes
  • Extra body booster snack recipes
Ic___Ingredient List

Weekly shopping lists (that are flexible)

Each menu comes with an ingredient list that is flexible. The ingredients in the weekly shopping list are number coded to each of the menu options. This means you can either leave a menu item out or look at the dish recipe to decide if you want to switch it to something you may already have in your pantry stocks or a more suitable or special need alternative.


An option to do some of the meal prep tasks in advance

The unique difference the CANcook recipes offer is the option to incorporate a structured meal prep session in advance. The recipe pack includes what is called power prep steps. This is where you can bulk prep lots of similar ingredients in advance and set your week up with up to five meal bases that are basically ready to go on the day you choose to serve up the meal. The prepped ingredients or meal bases can be stored in pyrex type containers or even zip-lock bags in the fridge or freezer. Setting time aside to prep some of your meals in advance can make a big difference to how well you eat across the week. It can also give you some relaxing time out and I suggest that you dot it with some wireless earph0ones and tune into y podcast, an audible book or relaxing music.


Mouth watering meals that support and nourish you

With a clear menu plan, the ingredients needed on hand, a bit of advanced meal prep, you will be able to serve up speedy, delicious dinners that will give you magic feeling. All meals are designed to be quick and easy and if you manage to do the prep in advance the final steps needed to serve up should only take around 10 minutes or so.

6 Week bundled program

After you sign up you will be sent the CANcook menu and meal prep program. This includes 6 weeks of inspirational and family-orientated meals plus the activate your kitchen tip sheets.