Cancer Nutrition

Eating well when you have cancer

How you eat well when you have cancer depends on the type, stage and treatments you may be having. Working with a specialist Dietitian (APD) will help ensure that your diet is on the right track and that you know how to boost your diet with the extra nutrients needed to help you cope, keep your immune system and body strong as well as to recover

Nutrition after treatment

If you have finished active treatment for cancer then there is much that you can do to help you recover and reduce risk of recurrence. One of the most important goals should be to maintain a healthy body weight, to stay active and eat a healthy diet

Reducing the risk of cancer

There are many diets and opinions around what eating well with cancer means. This can be confusing and at times will put people on the wrong track. It is important to consult your medical team if you are are looking to make changes to your diet or take supplements. It is also recommended that you seek the advice of a suitably qualified Dietitian to ensure your diet is well balanced and meeting your nutrition needs across the treatment phase and beyond.