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The CANcook Program

Learn how to pre-prep five wholesome cancer treatment support meals in one go.

When you have cancer, mealtime magic is something that you will wish for when you are tired or can’t think what to cook.

CANcook is a menu and recipe program that has been carefully crafted by Jane to help you find an easier way to get healthier and harder-working meals on your table. The recipes are family orientated but have been tweaked to ensure that they provide you and your family with more of the vital nutrients needed to help you stay strong and be able to fight hard.

There are 6 menu options and each week sets you up with a shopping list, the recipes and a set of bulk meal prep instructions. This give you or your carer the option of batch cooking up to 5 main meals in one go. Then the pre-prepped meals can then be stored in zip lock bags or containers so that they are ready to assemble or touch up on the day of service.