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Getting a cancer diagnosis can come as a shock. Suddenly you have to re-prioritise and put your health front and centre. But knowing how to do that in the middle of everything else is a challenge.

To support and optimise your treatment, you will need to work out what dietary priorities and approaches are required to help to keep yourself and your immune system active. Eating an energizing, nutritious and protective diet is essential. It is also important to know how to adjust your diet to counter any difficulties you may have with your body weight (gains or losses), shape (muscle losses) or with tasting, swallowing, tolerating and then absorbing your nutrient needs.

That’s where CANutrition, the cancer nutrition practice that is run by  Jane Freeman can help. Jane is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Nutritionist (APD, AN, IOC Sports Nutritionist), author and chef (Leith’s London). Jane has worked with people responding to cancer challenges for over 20 years, in hospitals, leading cancer clinics and with cancer charities both in Australia and internationally. Jane was awarded a prestigious British Medical Association award for her book ‘How to Eat Well When You Have Cancer.’

Jane will work with you to put together a targeted nutrition plan. It will be built around the specific cancer you have, the treatments you’re undergoing, your activity levels, body shape, general food preferences, and resources. You will know the specifics of the what, how and when of the foods you need at this time. This will also be translated into when you need to go for a super grain salad or when you will be better with Mum’s chicken soup, a warming cottage pie or an extra protein boosted smoothie.

The CANutrition website invites you to learn more about Jane and her practice approaches. She also hopes that you will find her evidence-based updates, her tried and tested CAN-Cook menus and short-cut recipes, as well as cancer fighting food tips, know-how and tips to eat around difficult side effects helpful.

Jane pictured with the Medical and Scientific Director of the International Olympic Committee – Dr. Richard Budgett. Jane recently completed a two year diploma in sports nutrition with IOC. Jane has had a longstanding research interested in the bridge of practices used by athletes to help with endurance, building lean muscle and withstand the health problems that affect performance and the sorts of issues and impacts that affect people who are in treatment for cancer. It is know that loss of lean muscle, strength and fatigue impact significantly on treatment outcomes, quality of life and longer term health opportunities.


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